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What's New with Waterealms?

New article on Ojibwa Tea & its Cancer fighting benefits. A paper out of Stanford University on, Charge configurations in viral proteins.

Newly added research on Autism from Temple Grandin. Documentaries & Videos of Viktor Schauberger, Walter Russell, Nicola Tesla, & Zeolite. 

Half Water Cycle is being called, "climate change."

Written by Doug Crouch

Completion of a cycle can change Climates positively

Full article here    

The half hydrological cycle mainly involves precipitation and evaporation, but due to the lack of tree cover and/or perennial vegetation, evapo-transpiration simply does not happen. Soils are bare while concrete is exposed and abundant in city-scapes forcing rapid re-evaporation to occur. This tends to destabilize the atmosphere and frankly catapults onto society while stressing economic systems.

    Usually, either torrential downpours flare or immediate cut-off of the rainy seasons ensue. Trees and other perennial vegetation buffer these effects. Without them, the environment suffers and so does its inhabitants, as precious natural and financial capital is erased.  Without the buffer present, rivers flood, soils erode, coral suffers, and landscapes dehydrate.  This again cascades into financial loss from property damage and societal drains in the form of famine or disease.

Dale Margrett Baker

Saudi Arabia

I had been suffering from numerous physical ailments for quite awhile when I was introduced to the product. The representative I talked to listened to my medical history and came up with just the right solution based on my symptoms and history. The demonstration he gave was profound. The water which I was drinking, which I though tasted OK, was replaced with what I would describe as “cleaner”. I was not impressed, given I was drinking tap water. But when compared to bottled water, the best, supposedly, I could tell a remarkable difference. It again, tasted not only cleaner, but better. In fact, every beverage the ceramics went into was better. I currently reside in Saudi Arabia where there is only two kinds of water, bad and bottled.

l used a diffuser tumbler with the decided upon amount and type of stones the representative suggested for more than a few weeks. At first, although the water tasted clean and better as expected, I did not notice any immediate results in how I was feeling. However, like most mineral supplements I had tried before, the difference was immediately noticed when I stopped drinking out of my tumbler; I felt dehydrated, weak and returned to experiencing most of my physical ailments without noticing they had left in the first place.

I returned to drinking all my water, bottled or otherwise, out of my treated tumbler and felt immediately better. I would recommend the product to anyone, especially those who are in areas with poorly treated water.

Nathan Betts

Clarkston, WA

Before I got my new WaterRealms shower head my skin would feel dry, tight and slightly irritated after a shower. My local water is chlorinated to some degree and I always felt like I just got out of a pool. Now after I shower I feel truly clean and my skin actually feels soft. I also no longer smell that pungent, hot bleach smell that is associated with chlorinated water. My wife can be a pretty tough customer to impress when it comes to consumer products, but her and I both are so happy to have this shower head. It has vastly improved our bath time routines.

Kathy & Dave

Clarkston, Wa

"Thank you for sharing your ceramics knowledge & helping us overcome some really yucky water! Our future daughter-in-law is from pomeroy and hates clarkston water (for good reason!) But after using the ceramic balls, she can drink tap water without cringing! Kathy & Dave

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Zeolite holds 60% its weight in water. Cation exchange allows the perfect flux for water to return to ground water aquifers 


AVS & SEM vortex and ceramic tech allow 33% less water usage. Exponential growth factors between 14%-68% boost in yields. Some cases have seen up to 400%.


Take control of your personal water purification using CWA15M and other of our ceramics. 


The breakdown of Glyphosate in soil with micro biome and nano minerals.


Capture runoff toxic waste and excess nitrogen with our runoff systems


Activated water systems provide better nutrition absorption for a higher yielding nutrition content in plants and animals 


Mineral Cliniptilolite for Anti-biotic free dairy and on site ammonia issues.

Informative Links Below

Viktor Schauberger

Viktor Schauberger

Masaru Emoto

Masaru Emoto

Stephanie Seneff

Stephanie Seneff

Dr. Joel Wallach

Dr. Joel Wallach

Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin

Dr. Peter Glidden

Dr. Peter Glidden



Sang Whang

Sang Whang

Walter Russell

Walter Russell



"Zeolite can play an important role in meeting the pollutant reduction goals for the filtering of storm-water and storm-water runoff that contains soluble heavy metals, nutrients, ammonium, hydrocarbons, and even some organics."


Zeolite is a natural granular product that is screened to various sizes depending on the application or required water flow for each project. The open inner honeycomb structure allows water to flow through granules and the ion-exchange abilities allow it pull out and bind with pollutants as they flow through the zeolite, separating them from the storm-water.

Negative Ion Science

Personal Purification

The Ceramic Ball Water Activator produces negative ions. Negative ions are known to help enhance the immune system, increase oxygen in the blood, increase metabolism, reduce toxins and help protect against the harmful effects of chlorine on the skin. Research also indicated the Negative ions can also help alleviate symptoms of SAD (seasonal affective disorder). - Sang Wang

January 26, 2009

Rain Water Runoff Filtration

Rainwater utilization occurs using a variety of impermeable collection areas. Rainwater runoff from streets, parking lots, sidewalks and other ground-surface areas are known to contain substantial amounts of contaminants. These types of rainwater runoff require retention and treatment methods that are not covered in this review.  Rainwater collected from rooftops located many meters above ground has been shown to contain much lower concentrations of contaminants than ground-surface systems.

October 11, 2016

Water Contamination

Over the past few decades, the increase in population and advances made in farming technology has increased the demand for crops and livestock from the agricultural industry. This growth in agricultural production has resulted in an increase in contaminants polluting soil and waterways. The increase in contaminants has prompted efforts to reduce the amount of pollutants in waterways in order to improve overall water quality.

December 02, 2016

Surface Water Runoff

As it flows over the land surface, stormwater picks up potential pollutants that may include sediment, nutrients (from lawn fertilizers), bacteria (from animal and human waste), pesticides (from lawn and garden chemicals), metals (from rooftops and roadways), and petroleum by-products (from leaking vehicles). Pollution originating over a large land area without a single point of origin and generally carried by stormwater is considered non-point pollution. In contrast, point sources of pollution originate from a single point, such as a municipal or industrial discharge pipe. Polluted stormwater runoff can be harmful to plants, animals, and people.

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