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    Since Zeolite is one of the only naturally occurring negatively charged minerals in existence, numerous benefits in the feed process can result from its basic chemistry. Zeolite is inert, stable, and non-toxic.


    Zeolite and Ammonium play an important role in nitrogen and protein supply in the Rumen. When Zeolite is fed to animals, it absorbs much of the ammonia generated from the Non Protein Nitrogen (NPN) It also acts as a reservoir and a slow release mechanism for the Nitrogen. This allows for more NPN in feed.

                                                                            The introduction of Zeolite into animal feed improves animal growth                                                                           and weight gain by increased feed conversion. Zeolite also effectively                                                                           absorbs many mycotoxins and aflatoxins, which in turn have a proactive effect against the development of aflatoxicosis in farm animals.


    The strong affinity for ammonium also provides superior odor control and a healthier local environment. It lowers the risk of toxicity from the increase of Ph levels in the Rumen and increase of ammonium levels in the blood serum. Zeolite acts as a Rumen buffer for the total digestive tract. High CEC levels of 1.9 to 2.5 equates to more buffering.

Clinoptilolite Zeolite for Animal Health

and Disease Reduction

    Many peer reviewed publications describe natural Zeolite feed additive benefits upon healthy, at-risk, and disease challenged animals. The body of research indicates several possibilities: Macro and micro nutrition, ionic buffering and surface absorption. Research indicates that as natural Zeolites pass through the animal and spend time in the digestive tract, they do not pass through the intestinal wall. The natural zeolite structure framework is stable and is not altered by the digestive monogastrics and rumens.


Natural Clinoptilolite Zeolite can play 4 important roles in overall heart health of production animals which include: rumen buffering, sodium bicarbonate partial or complete substitution, relief from diarrhea and afloatoxin mycotoxin binder.

Add Zeolite to Food or Water

Zeolite improves the general health of your pets and can also help to improve personality problems which may be caused by toxicity. Some dogs and cats like to drink water in which Zeolite has been added.  Provide two drinking bowls, one with Zeolite and one without.  During the day the Zeolite will gradually sink to the      

                                                                 bottom of the bowl.  When this                                                                    happens stir it through if the                                                                        water is still fresh ,or pour off the                                                           old water (leaving the Zeolite                                                                      sediment in the bottom of the                                                                      bowl). Then add some fresh                                                                        water and replace the Zeolite                                                                      when needed.  

One benefit of feeding zeolite to cats is that it reduces urine odour in their kitty litter.  Our cat loves drinking Zeolite water.

Zeolite can also be added to their wet feed just stir it through and they won't know it's in there.  Because Zeolite is dehydrating, we prefer to give our cat Zeolite water rather than putting it in his food.  This is especially important for old male cats, who can suffer from urinary problems if they don't drink enough water.

Happy Puppy


  • Increased overall heart health

  • Acts as a binding agent for mycotoxins and aflatoxins

  • Acts as a buffering agent

  • 30%-40% reduction in ammonia released from cows

  • Added fertilizer value to your waste products

  • 100% natural and Certified Organic by the Idaho Department of Agriculture

  • Better value and a direct replacement for sodium bicarbonate as a rumen buffer

  • Increased feed conversion

  • Balances Ph levels

“The use of Zeolite in animal feeds decreases calf mortality rates by reducing scours, enhancing growth rate and providing a “buffer-like” ability in the rumen. Added benefits include better economics, enhanced odor control in the urine lagoons, and reduction in application of expensive antibiotics”
Kondo et al. (1996)
reported that Clinoptilotite added to the feed of young calves improved growth rate and decreased the incidence of diarrhea.

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