Ceramic Activators

What Are Ceramic Activators?

    Ceramic Activators are used in many applications throughout our daily lives most notably in porcelain and earthenware, such as dinner plates, cups and vases. To harden the materials the finished goods are heated to extremely high temperatures creating a durable, functional product. The materials used in ceramics excel in corrosion resistance and have been widely used for thousands of years as having preservative properties.

    Ceramics are known to passively generate Far Infrared Rays (FIR). Whilst all substances on Earth generate FIR, including the human body, ceramics generate more of them on a stable basis. The ceramics used within the Saiseiko products are a patented blend of inorganic materials mixed with inorganic stone and clay, comprising over 50 natural minerals combined to create a number of benefits. Saiseiko have two types of ceramic balls in their range – BA and SE. Both versions have the effect of ‘activating’ water, whilst the BA range includes further anti-bacterial properties.

Anti-bacterial Activity

     The BA Ceramic Balls have an anti-bacterial effect through the FIR activation of the water. Ceramics have been used for preservation of food for thousands of years. One of the most deadly bacteria that effects hotels and spas, that must be eradicated is Legionella. In tests two tanks of water contaminated with Legionella were prepared. A BA ceramic ball was placed in one tank whilst the other was left as a control tank. Over the cause of 9 hours the Legionella contamination in the tank with the BA ceramic ball was reduced to levels too low to measure. During the same period the control tank, containing the same contaminated water, saw the levels of Legionella increased. The same anti-bacterial effects we seen with e-coli and coliform bacteria. 

Bacteria                               Initial Number                3 Hours Later                   6 Hours Later                  9 Hours Later
Bacteria                                Initial Number          3 Hours Later          6 Hours Later           9 Hours Later
2,200                                   760(65.5%)                          76(96.5%)                            0(100%)
1,300                                             450(65.4%)                                    46(96.5%)                                      0(100%)
1,700                                             590(65.3%)                                   60(96.5%)                                     0(100%)
1,600                                              550(65.5%)                                    63(96.5%)                                     0(100%)
Pseudomonas aeruginosa 

The Effects of Negative Ions

Modern technology and production produces large quantities of chemical byproducts, bio films, and chemical waste largely containing positive ions, whereas the air near mountain rivers and water falls contains an abundance of negative ions. Similarly water that has been processed and transported under pressure to town and city homes also becomes saturated in positive ions. When water passes through the ceramic bead bed the FIR activates the water creating negative ions. When combined with the triple vortex, the effect is magnified taking the water from positive dominated ions to an abundance of negative ions. The Ionic Shower Heads combine these characteristics to create a healthier, more refreshing, shower environment in your home.


Chlorine Cohesion Encasement

    The negative ions on the water have a significant effect on the chlorine dissolved in the water. For many people the chlorine injected into tap water to allow it to be transported to homes without growing bacteria and algae causes significant irritation and dry skin. Many people complain of itchy, flakey, skin and in some serious cases eczema and psoriases. The negative ions generated by the ceramics and vortex activation change the way the chlorine is held in the water. Waters cohesion properties are activated and the negatively charged water molecules encase the chlorine molecules ensuring that they are no longer able to irritate the skin and dry your hair.


Surface Activity

    As water passes through the ceramics and vortex the large water molecule clusters are broken down into micro-clusters. This has the benefit of reducing the surface tension of the water and increasing the surface activity of the water. This means the emulsifying effect increases – what this means is that the water is able to mix with oils more effectively with increases the cleaning effect of the water. This reduces the need for soap and detergents as soap lathers up easier creating more efficient cleaning.

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