Aqua Rocs

Aqua Rocs

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Reduce Water usage by 40%.

-Increased Water Infiltration 7-30% 

     up to 50% in some cases.

-Holds 60% of its weight in Water.

-Growth Zone Optimizaton.

-Environmentally Friendly.

-Low Soduim Percentage.

-100% Natural.

-OMRI Approved.

-Federal Organic certification     

     Crop Fertilizer/Soil Amendment.

-State of Idaho Oganic Certification           

     Crop Fertilizer/Soil Amendment.

-Reduction in Nitrate leaching by 

     inhibiting nitrification of ammoni-

     um to nitrate. 

-Crop yield reported 14%-63% 

-Soil Moisture increase .4-1.8% in 

     drought conditions and 5-15% in 

     general water situations. 

-Holds Nitrogen and Micro-Nutrients.

-Increased Cation Exchange.