negative ion Showerheads 

An innovative beauty and health product, Saiseiko Ionic Shower Heads contain patented ceramic balls which ionize water and provide numerous benefits to skin and hair. Currently there are four models, each of which has its own unique functions. They all contain Saiseiko BA and SE balls. The effect of Far Infrared Rays {FIR) break down water clusters. Smaller water clusters help moisturizing the skin more effectively. In addition, water passing through the balls is ionized and the harmful effect of substances, such as residual chlorine, is reduced.

Cera Elite

Ionization effect...

Water passing through the Cera Elite shower head or the Cera Bath Ball becomes softer due to Far Infrared effect, which breaks down water clusters. Smaller water clusters can easily enter pores and remove dirt while moisturizing the skin more effectively. In addition, water passing through the balls is ionized and the harmful effect of substances, such as residual chlorine, is reduced.

Benefits to Hair, Skin and Immunity

Ultimately, our products will improve the quality of the water in your home which results in a number of significant benefits such as benefits to hair, Skin and immunity.

The technology in our products has been shown to improve the youthful vitality of hair and skin. Our products encourage healthy hair growth and help to rebuild your skin’s natural elasticity. By neutralising toxins and chlorine from the water, it is possible to see noticeable improvements in skin conditions and increased immunity.

Make every day a good hair day! Whether you dream of shiny hair with natural volume and lustre, or wish to return to the days when you had a full head of hair, clients who use our showerheads say that we make these dreams a reality.

“Our products encourage healthy hair growth and help to rebuildyour skin’s natural elasticity”

Clear Skin

Our range of water products can promote beautiful skin with youthful vitality and radiance. In addition, our products have shown to help restore the natural balance in your skin, reducing the affects of many skin conditions. Clear skin can improve confidence and remove the discomfort that many conditions cause.

Increased Immunity

The neutralising of harmful chemicals and toxins from your water can help to build your immunity and reduce the risk of serious health conditions. Our ceramic balls produce vast amounts of Far Infrared Rays which have been proven to improve circulation, helping to energise the body and reduce problems associated with poor circulation.

Our ceramic balls also produce negative ions. Negative ions are created in nature and they use nature’s power sources, such as waterfalls, lightning and sunlight to build an electrical charge. Negative ions filter dust, smoke and other pollutants from the air, creating cleaner air. For the human body to function at its optimal level, it needs to inhale fresh air and higher levels of negative ions have been shown to have a number of health benefits. These benefits include improved ability to fight infection, increased energy levels and more effective function of vital organs.

Our Ceraelite shower head produces 160,000 negative ions per cubic centimetre; when tests were carried out at Niagara falls, 100,000 negative ions per cubic centimetre was measured.

Longevity of household products
Quality Water Products from EcoAeonVortexing helps to soften water and change limescale to soft calcium powder. By preventing a build-​up of limescale, products such as showers, taps and washing machines work more efficiently and have a longer working life. Our water products also help to reduce metal corrosion which adds to the duration of metallic products and prevents corrosive chemicals from being added to the water supply. In addition, the Vortexed activated water can go into conventional water heaters without the worry of corrosion.
No on-​going cost
Our products require no external power supply. Unlike other filter options, no replacements are required to ensure the continuing positive effects of the products, although we recommend annual maintenance checks to ensure the system is working at optimum efficiency. With questionable water quality and the possible presence of chloramines in the UK water supply, we have now developed a whole house pre-​filter to work in conjunction with our Vortex devices. The filters will last for up to 320,000 litres or up to 3 years, this is in order to reduce consumables and frequent filter changes.

Positive Environmental Impact
Water is an infinite resource and we believe that enhancing our water supply is the way to ensure that we protect this valuable natural resource. By returning filtered water with reduced chemicals and toxins into the water supply, our products are beneficial to the environment.

Dale Margrett Baker

Saudi Arabia

I had been suffering from numerous physical ailments for quite awhile when I was introduced to the product. The representative I talked to listened to my medical history and came up with just the right solution based on my symptoms and history. The demonstration he gave was profound. The water which I was drinking, which I though tasted OK, was replaced with what I would describe as “cleaner”. I was not impressed, given I was drinking tap water. But when compared to bottled water, the best, supposedly, I could tell a remarkable difference. It again, tasted not only cleaner, but better. In fact, every beverage the ceramics went into was better. I currently reside in Saudi Arabia where there is only two kinds of water, bad and bottled.

l used a diffuser tumbler with the decided upon amount and type of stones the representative suggested for more than a few weeks. At first, although the water tasted clean and better as expected, I did not notice any immediate results in how I was feeling. However, like most mineral supplements I had tried before, the difference was immediately noticed when I stopped drinking out of my tumbler; I felt dehydrated, weak and returned to experiencing most of my physical ailments without noticing they had left in the first place.

I returned to drinking all my water, bottled or otherwise, out of my treated tumbler and felt immediately better. I would recommend the product to anyone, especially those who are in areas with poorly treated water.

Nathan Betts

Clarkston, WA

Before I got my new WaterRealms shower head my skin would feel dry, tight and slightly irritated after a shower. My local water is chlorinated to some degree and I always felt like I just got out of a pool. Now after I shower I feel truly clean and my skin actually feels soft. I also no longer smell that pungent, hot bleach smell that is associated with chlorinated water. My wife can be a pretty tough customer to impress when it comes to consumer products, but her and I both are so happy to have this shower head. It has vastly improved our bath time routines.

Kathy & Dave

Clarkston, Wa

"Thank you for sharing your ceramics knowledge & helping us overcome some really yucky water! Our future daughter-in-law is from pomeroy and hates clarkston water (for good reason!) But after using the ceramic balls, she can drink tap water without cringing! Kathy & Dave

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